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A flying lead harness is a wiring harness that is unterminated at one end and has an excess length of wire so that installation can be customized by the end user. That makes this section of the ReFlex+ Install Harness truly universal.

On one end, this harness has a 8-Pin connector to plug into any one of our ReFlex+ Main Injector Harnesses. The other end of each wire is unterminated and will be connected to the appropriate sensor, ground, or power supply based on installation instructions. Each harness has a wire for:

  • Switched +12v Input w/ inline fuse
  • +5v Input
  • Ground
  • Can HI
  • Can Lo
  • Cam Sensor Signal
  • Crank Sensor Signal
  • Map Sensor Signal

Please Note: This harness allows the connection of a ReFlex+ to any vehicle, however there are different ReFlex+ Control Units that are compatible with different vehicles based on MAF, MAP, and other sensor data. If you do not see your specific vehicle mentioned please inquire as calibration is required for signals to read correctly.

Shipping & Return

When will my item ship?

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Couriers used vary. We work with 2 or more courier companies and we chose which logistics company to ship with depending on multiple factors such as ease of import, ease of shipment, delivery time, availiability of warehouse in your area and others. If you have clicked a certain courier when checking out, we may have to change the courier the item was sent with if we believe the item will arrive safer, quicker and with less hassle using a different company.

Imports into states outside of the European Union.

We ship worldwide to every country on the globe. Once the item is in the buyer's country territory the buyer will need to handle importing the item on local soil. At this point local laws, regulations and fees on import apply which need to be covered by the buyer of the item. If an item stays more than 2 weeks uncalled for at a logistics warehouse it will be returned to XtremWerk at our expense. The ammount paid for the return of the item will be then need to be covered by the buyer for us to ship the product again. If the buyer decides the item is unwanted, than the price for the return will be taken out of the funds refunded to the buyer.

Transportation Damages.

- If a broken item is received, and noticed up on arrival, please let the
delivery person know.
- If it is realized later on, make sure it is within 10 days of receiving the
item - preferably within 3-4 days maximum.
- In both cases, call the delivery company’s branch in your country
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- Please comply with the standard company’s procedure for
damages, and do not withhold and item, or information about it!
- Please explicitly explain to the courier company’s inspectors what
has happened, and state that the item was damaged during
shipping, and you want to be compensated for that - please make
sure they do not believe it is a case of you not wanting the item and
wishing to return it. Put it in writing to us and as an email to the
courier company in your country.
- It takes sometimes up to three months for the courier to respond for
a given claim and refunds amount from 20% to 95% of the item’s
- Since XtremWerk LTD. bought the insurance, the sum from
the delivery expert will be sent to us and it will be forwarded to the client within the
next 5 working days! *Note - we might need further details such as
banking information. Client will be contacted separately*

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